Is a Romania consultation absolutely necessary?


You can achieve everything you want to achieve in Romania without outside help. However, you will save neither time nor money and will probably reach your frustration limit at times! Furthermore, every visit to Romania incurs travel costs, accommodation costs, food costs and a considerable amount of time (e.g. vacation).


Answer: Yes, because consulting makes sense if you can achieve your goals quickly, effectively and inexpensively without having any negative experiences.




Are you a consultant type?


Collaboration in consulting first and foremost requires trust. After all, you have to make important decisions based on our advice, or transfer things to us so that we can carry them out on site in Romania in your interests. The chemistry must be right on both sides for close cooperation to work on an equal footing. To find out whether it makes sense to work together, we offer a free and non-binding initial consultation.


Answer: No, if you basically know everything better, are absolutely suspicious and also suffer from a compulsion to control.




Does a Romania consultancy fit into your budget?


The terms "consultant" or "consultancy" are very often associated with high costs. Furthermore, there is a misconception that a consultancy only makes sense for large projects with a corresponding budget.


Answer: Yes, because a good consultant does not cause costs, but saves them by helping you to avoid mistakes and time expenditure. Consultancy is particularly useful for small budgets, as additional costs that have not been planned for are much more difficult to bear.




Can't you find all the information about Romania on the Internet?


It is understandable that you want to gather information in order to gain more certainty. Unfortunately, good and correct information about Romania is hard to find and bad information is plentiful. In Facebook groups in particular, you will come across hundreds of self-proclaimed Romania specialists and receive at least 20 different answers to every question. Mostly from people who have too much time on their hands, don't live in Romania at all, or live in Romania but haven't found their feet yet.


Answer: No, because in our consultations we constantly come across dangerous half-knowledge and false information from the Internet. But false information is worse than no information at all!




Advice on Romania - Overview


Consultation on Romania

Beratung und Consulting Rumänien

We advise you at fair conditions: Real estate search, company formation, investment, emigration and relocation to Romania, job search, bank accounts, insurances and administrative procedures.


Real estate search and purchase in Romania

Immobilienmakler in Rumänien

We help you to find your dream property in Romania quickly and stress-free. We are at your side either as a real estate agent or as a consultant in your individual search.


Construction services in Romania

Baudienstleistungen in Rumänien

Renovation of old buildings or new construction in Romania to German standards? No problem with our help! Daily construction supervision, mediation of craftsmen, purchase of materials and organisation, etc.


Company foundations in Romania

Setting up a Romanian S.R.L. can bring considerable tax advantages. We usually incorporate your company in 14 working days at a fixed price without the need to travel.


Investments and projects in Romania

Do you want to invest your money safely in (vacation) real estate, agriculture or tourism projects and are you interested in projects with EU funding?


Marketing, Web and SEO

With the experience of almost 30 years and countless completed projects in the areas of consulting, conception and development, we are happy to support you with your project.



We speak German and English.



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Outside these hours, please make an appointment only.

Your advantages

  • Izbuc 37: neutrale, professionelle Beratung neutral, professional advice
  • Izbuc 37: deutschsprachige Beratung in Rumänien english-speaking partner on site
  • Izbuc 37: engagierter und zuverlässiger Partner in Rumänien committed and reliable
  • Izbuc 37: Beratung in Rumänien over 25 years of consulting experience

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